Walking with Blaine

Wanted to repost because Blaine was such a great love, little does he know.

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Blaine Strickland.  Even now writing his name makes me smile!  I was in first grade at Douglas Valley Elementary and I fell in love with this beautiful boy who sat 2 desks away from me.  His smile was the best smile I had ever seen and his eyes twinkled when he looked at anybody.  Blaine wore cowboy boots and a cowboy hat almost every day to school.  Even then Blaine must have known he was special.  Maybe his mother started telling him at a young age that he was going to slay all the girls.  I must have been one of the first girls he slayed – even though he never knew it.

Too bad Blaine Strickland didn’t have a clue who I was.  I mean come to think of it why should he?  I was probably the quietest girl in class.  I was scared half to death of doing…

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Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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2 Responses to Walking with Blaine

  1. Nathan says:

    Great story, one of your very best. You must find Blaine and send it to him! Even if he is fifty something now he will be get a retroactive ego boost!


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