“You have a brother?”

When I posted on Facebook I was going to write about my brother and it was no holds barred….I got an interesting response.  One of my friends said: “I didn’t even know you had a brother!  I thought there were just 3 girls in the family!”  Yeah, that’s the problem. There aren’t just 3 siblings, there are 4 of us.  It’s not a problem that there are 4 of us, it’s a problem that many of my friends think there are only 3 of us.

You know if one figures out how many relationships are in a family of 6…there are 25-5, not counting duplicates. (Okay, its Math…I often don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to Math – but stay with me on this please.)  I have 5 different relationships within the family I was born.  And there were 6 of us.  Of course my relationship with each of my parents is very different.  My relationship with each of my siblings is very different.  And the relationship with my brother, Matthew, was no exception.

Let me tell you a bit about Matthews and my relationship before I really get into anything, so you can better visualize and understand personalities. Matthew was the youngest. The youngest of all the siblings. He was born 3 years after my twin sister and I and of course he was a BOY.  Thank goodness.  I’m sure my parents were VERY happy to finally have a boy.  I even remember the day!  We were living on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs when Matthew was born.  The hospital on the Air Force Academy had recently opened and Matthew was one of the first boys that was delivered at the hospital there.  He for sure was the first heaviest boy delivered there, according to my mother.  And you know, she would know.

My mother’s mother, Granny Latham, had come up from Monahans, Texas to stay with us while Mom had the baby and was in the hospital.  Back then you know, when someone had a baby they stayed in the hospital for a while.  Imagine that.  I remember going up to the hospital with Granny Latham to visit Mom but I couldn’t go in the room so I waited for Granny in the lobby waiting area while she was visiting her daughter.  Granny walked out so happy.  It was a snapshot in my mind when she walked out of the maternity ward.

That’s enough of the birth. Truthfully the things I remember about my brother as a young child were not any different from others I suppose.  So, as it normally is, my main memories of Matthew as a young boy were vivid only if a major event happened to him.  OR a major event that happened with me and him together.  If you are one of the ones that has been reading my blog for quite some time you may remember my blog “The Day I Tried to Kill My Brother“, it was a real and true day by the way and if you read the blog, the scar my brother has to this day is because of yours truly.  I never tried to kill anyone else after that day, even my twin sister, so it really was a pretty profound day in my life, let alone Matthews.

I also remember a MAJOR thing about Matthew that just really irked me every Christmas.  Every Christmas for several years until my parents got a hold of the situation; we would wake up on Christmas morning and find every single present under the tree, UNWRAPPED.  I was horrified and we knew who it was.  It was MATTHEW, because it certainly wasn’t Santa Claus. Santa Claus would never ruin a child’s Christmas like that.  I really don’t know what Mom and Dad did to stop the practice but thank goodness they did do something because Christmas was ruined for me for at least 3 years or so.

After we left the Air Force Academy and moved to Ohio and then England, I do have to say my relationship with Matthew was pretty normal for siblings.  We actually were pretty close and we were always civil to each other.  Matthew and I had the same temperament as each other and were more introverted than Bonnie and Cathy I think.  Matthew and I played together more and it was just a good relationship.  I was more of a tom boy and that helped our relationship too.

On Thames River - Matthew and Mom

Matthew and Mom, on the River Thames Early 70’s

After our 4 year stay in England, when I was just out of the 9th grade and Matthew must have been just out of the 6th grade, my Dad got stationed at the Air Force Academy again in Colorado so we were back in familiar territory.  Unfortunately, when we moved back our family and all of our relationship dynamics really started changing.  Of course all of us siblings were getting older and were slowly moving away from each other as far as our relationships because you know, friends…friends were it as it is to most young people our age.



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  1. Nathan says:

    I have my hand raised teacher! I knew you had a brother….even have seen him! g


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