Day One – My First Day that is!

Never really thought and do think that anyone would need or want to read the story of my life.  Or what I remember about my life anyway.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that I want to write more about my life.  It will be good for me…not because I need to get over anything.  But because I think I have had a fantastic life for the most part.  And I do want to share many more aspects.  Who knows, you might find that you are reading about yourself (if you know me) in one of my blogs I’ll be writing this year.  Let’s see what happens.

It wasn’t just me that came out on that day in South Ruislip, England at the hospital. Someone else came out right after me.  Cathy.  My twin sister.  We both affected our lives dearly as any twin or multiple birth sibling can probably attest too.  We affected our lives in good ways and not so good ways, but that is normal too.  Before Cathy and I were born, the Doctor had apparently told my parents that three of us were in my Mom’s tummy.  The Doctor decided since that was the case and that many of the younger doctors in training hadn’t witnessed a triplet birth, he invited several of them to the birth.  So, while I don’t remember this of course, apparently several people were in the operating room during the birth of my sister and me and then no one else came out.   They were disappointed I’m sure but I’ve never really heard one way or the other.  I’ve seen a few pictures of my Mom when she was very far along during the pregnancy and I would have guessed there were 3 babies in her tummy too!  Here is a short writing my mother wrote just last month about our birth:

It was a time that fireplace coal burning was still allowed so the air was thick, black fog on the frigid night of December 6th. Driving to the American Hospital in South Ruislip US Air Force Base in the London suburbs was indeed a death defying event. In addition to the fear of the road ahead disappearing in the fog the pains were getting harder and more frequent.

The doctor and nurses were waiting and they lost no time in ushering me and Don to the delivery room.To our surprise there was a small crowd waiting in anticipation for me. They had been told that It was likely that I would be delivering triplets! 

What I did deliver was two healthy baby girls…Catherine and Caroline. Cathy weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and Caroline weighed 5 lbs. 4 oz. The crowd had dispersed by that time thankfully. 

Mom and Bonnie

My mother Wanda, when she was pregnant, late in the game, with my twin sister and I

Another interesting fact about my sister and my birth is that Cathy was just minutes away from being born on another day.  I was born at 11:42 p.m. on December 6th and Cathy was born 8 minutes later.  I thought for a long time it would have been pretty cool to have my very own birthday without sharing it with anybody but now it is not a big deal at all.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool that we were born in England.  Especially because I have been a dual citizen of the US and the UK ever since and always will be.  Some special privileges come with that I’m sure will come out later in the story.  It’s quite nice though.   My father was in the military and was stationed in the UK, just north of London for 3 or 4 years and as a result, my first 1 ½  years were spent in England.  I sure wish I could remember it but I only know it by stories told by others.  That’s okay because fortunately I was able to live in England twice in my life again…and plenty stories abound from those times.

A first faint memory actually occurred when I was about 2 1/2 years old.  We had already moved back to the states (a term often used by military families) and we moved to Texas.  College Station, Texas to be exact.  My father had decided to go back to his college alma mater, Texas A&M University and work on his Masters.   I think we lived there for about 2 years before we moved again.  But it was in the backyard of a house that we lived in on Thomas Street, near the University, where that memory occurred.  It is not super clear as far as events go but it was clear as to what dress I was wearing in the back yard.  It was a dress that looked JUST like the dress my twin sister was wearing.  It was the first time I realized that my sister and I always seemed to be wearing the same thing.  For a 3 year old it was just …well…normal.  Everybody dressed the same I thought.  But then I turned my head and saw my older sister, Bonnie, who wasn’t wearing a dress.  Hmmm.


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Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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  1. Betty Powers says:

    Great as usual, Caroline. Thanks for including me.


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