The Design of Time

Time, time, time.  Just hearing that word can make you think of different things!

Do you have time to do it?

What time is it?

Do you manage time the way you want to?

It was a passage of time…

What is the timing of the music?


Do you have time to do it? No…

What time is it? It’s 6:00

Do you manage time the way you want to? Most of the time!

It was a passage of time….before things began to happen.

What is the timing of the music? Eighth notes.


My question to you isn’t any of those questions – but it does have to do with yes, you guessed it, time! It also may take some time for you to answer, but that’s okay because it’s an important question. My question is this:

What do you do with your time? Or are you worried about what time does to you?
How do I answer this question? What do I do with my time? If you ask me today, I may tell you what I did today. If you ask me tomorrow, I may tell you what I did that day but that’s not what I’m asking you. I’m asking you: What do you do with your time…your time here, your time there, your time on earth?

Don’t let time use you. Why don’t YOU use time instead? What a concept, eh?! Don’t wait for things to happen with your time, why don’t you make things happen using your time. 

Time Spiral

There are no limits to how much we can grow and develop, but time limits us. We don’t have eternity, we only have time. It is what we have to work with that matters.” Time is what we have to work with. Time for each one of us will end some day. Will you be happy with how you used your time, when you find there is no time left?

To use time the way we want to use it involves more thought than you think. First we have to figure out what we’re doing with our time now. We all have certain things we do with our time that become a responsibility and must continue to be done. Work can be an example of this. Most of us chose to work. That was an acknowledgment that it would take at least 8 hours of our day. It was a choice, “To work or not to work” “I need money, I need to work.”

There’s more time…what do you do with more time? I wanted children, I chose to be a mother so I used allot of my other time being a mom when my children were younger. I wanted this, I used more of the time I had – with my kids and I choose this. I made this happen, not you or somebody else, I made this happen and I didn’t wait until time was no longer on my side.

There’s more time…I sleep. My body tells me to sleep, I’m a person, and I make time to sleep. I don’t over sleep though because it may cut into some of that time I have and need for other things. I’m using my time the way I want to use it.  Think of this as designing time. The design is my lifestyle. I’ve created it, I make it happen. I don’t regret what I’m doing with my design. I may change my design next year, but this is what I want today. This is my designing of my time.

Some of our design comes more naturally than the others. Working, sleeping, eating has to happen. Yet we all have those things in life that don’t come natural. These are the types of things that we choose for ourselves, and for some reason they always seem harder to do, harder to commit to, harder to follow through. I’m talking about in my case; writing, reading, working out, going to church as I have recently decided to use some more of my time listening to God’s word more than I ever have. These things are not those natural areas that just happen. These are the events in my life that I am in complete control of making happen. I can easily drop one or more but I don’t want to. I want to use my extra time growing and learning (even at my age!) so I use my time doing things that continue to help me grow and develop my mind and my body. It’s a stretch at times because at times it is just so easy to say “I’m not going to do it, I’m tired, I don’t want to work out, I don’t want to go to church, I don’t want to go to meetings, I’m not going” yet when I do that I always regret it the next day. It never fails. Why didn’t I go? I just wasted my time.

Really THINK about yourself and how you have designed your life. Do you waste your time? I’m not asking do you waste your time; I’m asking “Do you waste your time?” Are you designing your time that way you want it designed? Are you making things happen with your time? Are you doing what you want to do with your time? Remember that none of us have eternity. We only have time…and there is a limit to time, there is a limit to our time. Design your time now, not tomorrow or next week. Time is of the essence…


About Caroline

Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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5 Responses to The Design of Time

  1. Vicky Flint says:

    Great article Caroline! Thought-provoking, timely. I’ve actually been evaluating this very topic lately because I feel the finiteness of MY time . . .and I have more to accomplish, more to do before I depart this existence. So I ask myself how I can more clearly define what I want to accomplish, then how to get it done. Thanks for writing this – love you!


  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks so much Vicky! Love you too!


  3. Nathan says:

    Finally designed time to read this. Glad I did! Now if I can just find my To Do list……


  4. Francine says:

    Glad I took the time to read this and check out your blog. I’m looking at time closely these days to make time for what’s important to me. (Met you at SDSU&W @ GJ’s).


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