Snakes or Speaking – Take your Pick

I know I have absolutely no idea why I hate snakes, who taught me that or if anybody did, but I do hate them.  Snakes are slithery, slimy, way too long, ugly, make strange noises and have really long tongues and I’m sure they’re allot of other things that just don’t come to mind right now!

I decided to try to find out just how many people dislike snakes.  I thought for sure it would be in this book I just bought recently at half-priced books (for only 1.98 (regularly 8.00)) which was titled, The Unofficial U.S. Census.  Which of course means this is the uncensored and unofficial truth!  I began perusing through the book to find anything about people who fear snakes.  So I just started from the beginning and as I blazed through such enlightening topics as…

             Musicians injured playing their instruments

            Popular women – by distribution of hair color

            Self-confident women – by distribution of hair color

            Male chests – distribution by degree of forestation

            Vampires – by method of blood acquisition

            And then I found it, Phobic’s – by Sources of Fear

Snakes are on top of the list.  I knew it.  They have this list of scary things here…let’s see there’s six things listed that people fear and snakes is leaps and bounds above the others.  100 million, nine hundred and eighty-three thousand people say that they are afraid of snakes more than anything!  But you know what the second scariest thing people are afraid of?  Guess?  Public speaking!  64 million, thirty-eight thousand people are scared to death of speaking in front of people.  Now this is awfully interesting to me because some of you may know, I LOVE speaking in front of people!  400 or 4.  I don’t care how many!

A girls best friend?

Snakes and public speaking aren’t even similar to each other in any way, yet these are the two things that strike the most fear in people’s heart across the United States!  Snakes are slimy and slithery, long and ugly.  Speaking is none of those things.  There is no comparison at all here!  I mean snakes can kill, speaking can’t (at least I hope not)!

Just a tiny garden snake

Then it dawned on me, there is something similar about the two…millions of people run away from both of them!  That’s it.  But you know what our parents always told us about snakes, if you run away from them they’ll go for us.  You know what?  That’s the same thing about speaking too though.  Have you ever noticed that?  Allot of people keep on running away from speaking, but eventually it catches up to them and they have to speak in front of somebody.  It will happen, trust me, you will be called on to speak sometime and you won’t be able to slither your way out of it!


About Caroline

Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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11 Responses to Snakes or Speaking – Take your Pick

  1. Jan Garner says:

    Public speaking seems to come easy in our family, May be It’s the fact that in a big family it’s like public speaking whenever you turn to talk comes along. Sneaks are ok, I remember the first one I ever saw. Van and I were walking down a beach rode on Lake Michigan. There were bushes to the side of us then the beach beach and lake. A snake slithered across the road in front of us. By the way we were five years old. My brother told me to stay while he went ahead to be sure it was safe. When the snake went down toward the lake, Van came back took me ny the hand and took me home.


  2. Nathan says:

    Enjoyed the piece. Appreciate your influence on me to pursue Toastmasters as you influenced so many to turn on the that snake and chase it into the woods!


  3. Caroline says:

    Thanks Nathan!


  4. Wanda Reaves says:

    I will take public speaking anytime….although I was not always as good as you are.


  5. Betty Powers says:

    I had forgotten about you being here while Eric had Julius !!! Great picture of Michelle . I do enjoy your writings. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Love ya, Caroline, betty


  6. toothtips says:

    I’ll take the public speaking any day! Snakes – ewwww!
    Thanks Caroline, great article. Love you!


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