Tuesday – June 3rd, 1997 Trier, Germany

Our fantastic journey in Germany continues, and this particular Tuesday in Germany proved to be one of the best days yet.  This day in Germany, my 5th grade daughter and I, Michelle, took a bus trip with our group to Trier, Germany which is the oldest city in Germany and I think was founded quite a bit BC (before Christ)!  It’s the “Rome of the north” and is one of the most exciting cities we have visited thus far in our grand 2 weeks in Germany.  The bus trip to Trier was about 1 ½ hours from our temporary home city of Koblenz.  Trier used to be the capital of Western Europe (little did I know) when the Romans ruled.    King Constantine ruled Western Europe from Trier.  Now I felt really dumb.  Why wasn’t I taught these things in school?

Garden of the Dom in Trier

One of the things that made our journey in Trier really special, was our really special tour guide named Frank.  Frank took us for a two-hour city tour.  When he first told us it would take about 2 hours I was honestly wondering if the children would last on a bus ride that long in an old city…but little did I know Frank had a few tricks up his sleeve to keep everybody engaged and happy.  Frank, to say the least, was hilarious.  He was so funny and knew so much about the city of Trier and its history it oozed out of him in such interesting words.  Michelle quickly had a crush on our sweet tour guide, Frank.


We visited history laden places such as the Roman Constantine Basilica, the Palace of Trier, Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our

Bascilika and Electors Palace

Dear Lady) The Porta Nigra (The Black Gate) to the old city, and the Kaiserthermen (The Imperial Roman Baths).  It was like stepping back in time.  These baths were once the largest bathing complexes in the Roman Empire. I learned so much: how the baths were heated, how often people took baths back in the 400’s (once a week) and how much city and European business took place while taking a bath.  It’s kind of compares to how much business takes place on a golf course today!  ALLOT!

Porta Nigra

Roman Baths ruins

After the awesome tour we went to eat at a really nice restaurant in Trier called “Warsberger Hof.”  Michelle and I had Pork schnitzel for the first time and it was surprisingly really good.  We all got load of Pommes Fritters (French fries) and salade!  The food was great.  I cannot be afraid to eat out of America anymore after this really yummy meal.  The afternoon was on our own so we shopped and shopped and even shopped a little bit more.  We walked by a famous building called Dreikönigenhaus which means “The House of the Three Magi”.


By 5:00pm we were pooped and ready to get back on the bus to Koblenz.  While we were hoping to nap, we couldn’t because the bus driver took a detour back to Koblenz and took us over the tallest bridge in Europe that looks over the Rhine River.  Absolutely astounding views.  I will never forget that bus ride.


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Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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2 Responses to Tuesday – June 3rd, 1997 Trier, Germany

  1. Wanda Reaves says:

    Good writing, honey. And I learned a lot too.


  2. Nathan says:

    Thanks for sharing the Germany experience. The German equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce should have you on a contingency for big $. This series does make me want to go back….but summer time only.


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