My Wonderful Affair

Gosh, I must say my affair with the Metro Rail started off quite by circumstance.  I wasn’t planning it at all.  It was the day of the Cotton Bowl, Friday, January 7th, 2011 to be precise.  So why do I remember that was the day I first rode the Metro Rail?  Well, my Texas Aggie son had planned on going to the game (because, of course, the Aggies were playing in that game) and driving to Dallas that day with a friend.  But no, his friend backed out so my son and a few other friends needed a ride but didn’t have a car.  What to do?  “MOM, can we take your car to Dallas?”  I first thought, NO, I have to go to work but then thought I’d just play hooky but knew I couldn’t do that (visions of that one day I played hooky in high school and the resulting ramifications does not leave a good memory).  I told my son, John Ryan, he could take my car if he would drive me to Kramer Rail station at 6:15 in the morning.  “UMMM 6:15?  UMM SURE MOM!”

That’s how my affair with the Metro Rail started – my son driving me early January 7th to Kramer station.  I could blame the affair on my son but it would be far from blame, it would be a very big thanks for the introduction!

I truly never just sat around thinking “I need to go green and start saving money and start riding the train.”  It was not a priority because frankly my car was what got me back and forth to my job.  When the Metro Rail started I remember how happy I was Kramer station was close enough to my house so I could take the train.  I drove over there once when the trains first started out and found that, then, there was no parking available for riders.  What was the use of a rail station if you don’t have a place to park your car so you can ride the train for goodness sake?

Well, the day of the Cotton Bowl in January 2011, changed that!  When I was going home that day I got off the train at Kramer to catch my ride home, I looked to my left on the platform and saw a sign “FREE PARKING AT KRAMER STATION”!  Huh???!!!

The next week I tried the train again because I knew I had a place to park.  Even better, the price of tickets had changed since January7th.  The price went DOWN, yes DOWN, and it only cost me $1.00 one way.  Wow – this way of transportation was looking a lot better!  $2.00 a day to go downtown to work and back home was a deal NO ONE should look back at.  I certainly wasn’t going to look back.

The benefits of having an affair with the train was beyond whatever I thought it could be.  The first benefit I noticed (besides saving gas) was the first day I rode it.  I DIDN’T HAVE TO DRIVE HOME IN THE ROTTEN TRAFFIC ON LOOP 1!  NO STRESS!

Benefits of riding the train is and continues to be: making new friends!  I have met some fantastically interesting people on the train.  Also, I get to read the paper in the morning, before I get to work and know everything that is happening in Austin, Texas and the world before most people do!  That way I seem really smart if people start talking about what’s happening in the world – but truthfully they don’t at my work.  They just start talking about clients and money!  So, I read on the train in the morning and talk in the afternoon!

What can I say about my affair with the Metro Rail and all my new friends?  Thank goodness the Aggies went to the Cotton Bowl in 2011 – even if they didn’t win!  Or my life right now would be a lot less interesting.


About Caroline

Daughter, Sister, Mom... I think the best thing I've done is to be a mom, to give my kids my love but not my thoughts and to listen, observe, offer advice when needed.
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